SCLGA Division 4

Inter-Club Division Championship

Division 4 

2020 & 2021: Not Played

Secretary Division 4: Juanita Barnes     01273 725007

The Interclub Division Championship has been cancelled for 2021.

For Division 4 there is a handicap index limit of 36.4 and matches will be played off handicap. The handicap index will be converted to a Course Handicap for each player using the Course Handicap Table at the course where the match is being played – this will be equal to a player’s handicap index adjusted to reflect the slope rating of the course and rounded to a whole number.  The number of shots given will be equal to the full difference between the Course Handicaps of the two players. Players with a handicap index of 36.5 or higher may not play in Division 4.  Ladies playing in Division 4 may not, in the same season, play for Divisions 1, 2 or 3.  Similarly ladies who play in Divisions 1, 2 or 3 may not play in Division 4.  Any player not complying with this rule will be disqualified for that match and her game will be awarded to the opposing team.