Due to the introduction of the WHS the England Golf Championship dept. has reviewed the handicap limits of all its championships and events. This review has been conducted taking into account the handicaps of players eligible under the both the previous CONGU system and now with the new WHS.

The information identifies the number of golfers within each handicap limit and the new adjusted WHS handicap index for this number of golfers currently recorded on the WHS platform.

Women Handicap Limit No. of Golfers Handicap Index (WHS)
6.4 1481 5.7
15.4 9852 14.7
18.4 16039 17.6

Please note that the figures highlighted above are total number of golfers within the handicap range and is not broken down further by age and this information was not available under the CONGU system.

The Championship dept. has made the following changes for 2021:

2020 Handicap Limit Change 2021
English Women’s Amateur 6.4 -1.0 5.4
English Women’s Stroke Play 6.4 -1.0 5.4
Senior Women’s Amateur 15.4 N/A 15.4
Senior Women’s Stroke Play 15.4 N/A 15.4
English Girls U18 18.4 -9.0 9.4
English Girls U16/U14 18.4 -6.0 12.4

The handicap limit for all handicap events (England Golf Captains, Senior Series, England Women’s Medals, PING, etc) have all been increased to 54.